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How to Protect Your Identity Right from a Facebook . com Hack

There is a Facebook . com hack that permits anyone to find the private information stored in a person’s Facebook profile. A group called the “Fbi hackers” have hacked into and stolen information of over a dozen US citizens and one of them has long been bragging regarding it on Facebook . com. According to the individual that hacked the private information, the hack has helped him gain access to everything from a cellular telephone caller IDENTITY to his wife’s public and private records. This person says that he simply hacked the data because he was frustrated with Facebook’ s i9000 privacy guidelines. He did not hack the database or perhaps anything else nonetheless he was cantankerous about the way in which Facebook requires people to divulge their identity before the ability to use several applications upon Facebook.

The hackers claim that this step is too strict and they don’t head violating the users privateness just to allow them to have some fun about Facebook. If it is true, then this will end up being the first of all major Facebook hack in history. There are additional hacks which have already been completed and they selection inside the entire array of things out of stealing email accounts to gaining use of a persons’ credit card data. What is obvious is that Facebook . com needs to start a better task of protecting its users. Additionally, it needs to do an even better job of protecting its users from such hackers. A Facebook hack is probably only the start of this kind of security failures.

Hackers experience long targeted individual users of Facebook, sometimes even obtaining their banking account details by simply sending fake friend requests to the victims’ accounts. Although there is no data that a Facebook . com compromise has ever been carried out on a large scale, the opportunity of massive injury is definitely presently there. With all this kind of going on, it really is becoming increasingly obvious that Facebook or myspace needs to put more hard work in to protecting its users from these kinds of malicious application.

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